Expert Provider of Temperature Sensing and Measurement

Alpha Technics has met temperature measurement requirements.

We strive to exceed our customer expectations by:

  • Quality systems that are designed to meet requirements for international medical device companies with strict design control and process verification requirements
  • Flexible international manufacturing facilities designed to provide the lowest cost solutions within framework of the required quality systems
  • Design capability to provide temperature verification systems in form factors and with communications protocols that meet the application requirements with data that is easy to monitor, record and regulate
  • ISO accredited per our end customer requirements to insure that there is easy access and quick response to certificate and data requirements
    • ISO 9001 QMS
    • ISO 13485 Medical Device QMS
    • ISO 17025 / ANSI Z540-1 Calibration
  • Clean room assembly
  • Insert molding for value added sensor features


ISO 17026
ISO 13485
ISO 9001