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Alpha Technics temperature measurement systems
Temperature Management Solutions


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Alpha Technics is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of precision thermal temperature systems measurement solutions ranging from industrial NTC Thermistor Sensors to automated Test & Measurement Systems and Software.

The Alpha Technics Sensor Group is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of high precision NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor sensors, platinum RTD's, and custom probe assemblies used to effectively monitor, measure, and control temperature in various applications. Special emphasis is given to the ability to deliver precision devices with tolerances as tight as +/-0.05°C as a standard product and custom made devices, engineered to meet specific customer requirements, in low medium, or high volume quantities. Alpha's global presence and distribution network is supported by modern U.S. domestic and international manufacturing facilities capable of responding to customer requirements for a broad range of high quality temperature sensing solutions.

Alpha Technics Instrument Group specializes in delivering precision temperature measurement devices from hand held digital thermometer instruments, multiple channel Data Acquisition Systems, and custom design temperature probes all catered to meet a complex range of measurement applications requiring a high level of accuracy and precision. Alpha Technics instruments are compatible with the Smart Probe Technology-delivers complete probe interchangeability and eliminates need to re-program probes for new applications while maintaining high level of precision and accuracy.

Alpha Technics instrument systems are complimented by data acquisition software, based on industry standard LabVIEW environment, capable of providing an extensive range of powerful data analysis tools, flexibility, and simple use and application. Alpha Technics is also able to provide support with rapid software application development ranging from instrument drivers and simple data acquisition tasks to complex automatic test equipment and process control applications.

Alpha Technics production facility in ChinaAlpha Technics systems provide the highest temperature measurement accuracy available in the market today. In addition, integrating hardware, firmware, and software solutions with automated procedures, the systems are capable of streamlining and simplifying your measurement process. Alpha's product portfolio offers a complete line of thermal measurement solutions.